The FASTEST way to learn and launch profitable ads and reach your financial goals is "The Ads Mastery Bootcamp"


"We were struggling to get leads for our new business. We were doing Facebook ads on our own and wasted a lot of money! We came across Lorell, she explained how we could scale my business and book calls using her funnel. We jumped in and enrolled and in less than 1 month we earned $4,000 with a an spend of about $500. We never thought we could do that!"

- Rob & Jen M.

“I just want to say thank you Lorell Holland for being amazing and pushing me!!!! I did 20k in 3 days with only 4K in ad spend!!! She’s the BOMB and her course is the BEST!!!”

- Shakiya G.

“Engagements, Social media presence, Conversion, sales, everything Improved! I love everything about it and it wouldn’t be possible if not for Lorell!”

- Brianna B.

“I love working with Lorell, her course is so easy to understand. At first, I thought it was going to be trial and error to like finally get the ad to work for my business. But then the first ad I created went so well for me and I believe I have about $5 a day and it generated $1000 in sales for 3 days!”

- Priscilla M.


A "crash course" on the exact strategies I use to run my 6-figure a month business! 

I get it, you're busy. I feel you! 

But I also know, you're ready to make a change! You're ready to get the results you deserve from the time you put in to your business! 

I designed the Ads Mastery Bootcamp to be flexible and affordable!

You can access it 24/7 from computer, tablet, and mobile! So basically... there's no excuse! You can fit in to all your current commitments! 

✅ FINALLY be able to understand your Facebook Business Manager dashboard - so much so that when it's all said and done your ads will only require 30 minutes a day from you to remain profitable!  

FINALLY be able to generate consistent and predictable sales for your business - no more sale to sale, no more client to client, no more wondering if this ad spend is going to give you an ROI. We demand ROIs!

FINALLY get taught by someone who knows what they're doing and willing to share the secrets others won't - the ad expert herself is revealing the very strategies she used to run profitable ads for fortune 500 companies AND still used to make $100k for herself in just 60 days. 

Have your ads running in tip top shape by enrolling in the bootcamp...  

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Day 1 The Facebook Ad Framework

First the basics. Walk before you run!

  • Facebook Ads Manager Walkthrough - save yourself the hassle and let me show you how to become an expert at understanding your dashboard in minutes!  
  • Power of the Pixel - if you did not know, your pixel is your money maker! If it's not installed on your website, you're leaving so much money on the table! 
  • Which Campaign Objective You Need to Succeed - each business is unique, which means your ad should be too! I'll walk you through how to make an informed decision for your company. 

Target and automate like a pro!

  • Creating a Retargeting Campaign - Sometimes it takes more than once for people convert! Make sure you don't lose them by creating an automatic follow up.
  • Developing a Lead Generation or Ecommerce Funnel - Building a scalable sales system takes work but if you have a successful ad framework you can copy for your specific business model, then you're good to go!
  • Master Targeting to Increase Conversions - Increase your conversion rate by knowing exactly who needs your product/service and how to get in front of them! 
Day 2 Mastering Targeting and Funnels
Day 3 Content that converts

Time to start building your ad!

  • 1-2-3 Ad Building (Worksheet Included) - Ad building as easy as 1,2,3! You'll have a complete guide from step 1 creating a campaign to going live.
  • Instagram Ads That Sell - Facebook Ads is fully integrated with Instagram so you have all the access to a robust targeting capability. This lesson will go over thee type of ads that keep on selling on Instagram.
  • C.A.K.E Copywriting Made Easy - Have you ever run ads and you get crickets? I’m going to show you how to fix that because in order to scale your business, you need to be running ads that actually resonate with people with the right message.

Now let's optimize and scale!

  • Messaging That Converts - Position your products or services in the most premium way and find out how my formula can turn a cold traffic to a paying customer.
  • Launch Checklist - We'll go through all facets of launching before you can actually launch. It's a complete guide on what you need to ensure your results.
  • Money Metrics That Matter -Make your Facebook ads experience a lot easier by staying organized and knowing what to look for.
Day 4 Tweaks that work

Who is the right fit for the Ad Mastery Bootcamp?


The person looking to make a change. The person committed to doing the work. The person looking for someone to FINALLY show them the ropes and do it the right way. 

It does NOT matter how much online experience or time you have.  

The only thing you need is the desire to grow your business, stop living sale to sale, and start creating a better life for yourself and your family!  

A life where you have complete control over everything you do.  

If you want to go on vacation one day? You can.

If you need to have time off and chill on the sofa? You can.

If you want to spend more time with your kids? You can.

If you want to treat your wife/husband (or yourself!) to a fancy gift? You can.  

All of those things aren’t out of reach - you just haven't been taught by the right person yet!!  

Like I said, right at the very beginning…  

There’s a reason you’re on this page.  

If you’re feeling tired, overwhelmed, and overworked in your business - this is for you.  

Unlike your current situation, there is no limit to how much you earn here. There are no hoops to jump through or targets to reach except the ones you set for yourself.  

If you don’t believe me… 

“In the timeframe that I started my ads with Lorell's direction I have spent a little less than $2k and earned almost $16k!”

- Myesha W.

"Lorell helped me improve my Facebook ads, I made those proper adjustments to target my audience and to sell my program at a higher rate. I launched my ads that same night and then next day, I had about 15 high ticket leads and I closed 2 clients for more than I was charging before."

- Harry K.

“You guys, this course and Facebook ads have totally changed my business!! I made TRIPLE what I made in the entire month of March last year in just the first week this year!! 😲🤯 I am so glad I found this course and for all of Lorell’s help!! ❤️❤️”

- Chalise

“$50k in 2 months! Absolutely crazy & mind-blowing! Just last week I quit my job, & I'm a single mom of 3. I thought that was pretty impossible for someone like me. The Social Sales Lab has changed the game! It changed my life!”

- Raylicia Y.

PLUS, You'll Get Your Follow-Along Ads Mastery Workbook , Access to Our Exclusive Private Support Group and More When You Join AMB! 🎉

Snag Your 20+ Page Follow-Along Workbook 

In your Ads Mastery Workbook, you'll have a hand-held (or digital) compadre guiding you along the training. Inclusive of worksheets, exercises and checklists to reference back to at any time... This handbook is a must-have!  

Print it or have a digital copy handy, either way you'll never be lost and always have the class notes in arms reach!

Exclusive, Private Support Group via Facebook

You’ll also get an invitation to our Ads Mastery Bootcamp Facebook Community—a private group where you can ask questions, share ideas, get feedback on your campaigns and more

You'll get the behind-the-scenes look at our vault of case studies where other students have made thousands of dollars in sales from their ads. And they're all included free with your ticket. 

How much is FREEDOM worth to you?

The 4-Day Bootcamp removes “all your excuses. 

I’ll be straight with you everything you’re getting inside the 4-Day Ads Mastery Bootcamp is worth $2,700.  

(BUT that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to pay that much today…)  

I usually sell it for $1,997.  

Now, of course, you could go away and try to do it all alone…  

But, let's be honest... if that was working, you wouldn't be on this page right now.

By joining the Bootcamp…   You could easily be generating $2,000+ in 30-Days starting from ZERO.  

That’s from ONE AD.  

Nothing is stopping you from running 100 more just like it, and earning $20,000!  

Worst-case scenario you’re getting your FULL investment back in just under 3 months at its true $2500+ price.  

In the future, there’s a strong chance the 4-Week Ad Mastery Bootcamp will have that $2,700 set value.  

Demand is high.  

There’s nothing like it in the industry that gets results as fast and with such a huge amount of support.  

BUT, my team lives by this quote:

"You can have anything in life that you want if you would only help others get what they want."

So, if you’re a person who likes to take a great opportunity when they see it…rather than pay more down the line when you realize you need it….  

Jump on this CRAZY DISCOUNTED PRICE which is only available for the next 5 DAYS!  

As part of this offer ONLY:  

You won’t pay $2700

You won’t pay $1997

You won’t even pay $997  

You’ll pay only $397 for LIFETIME ACCESS. 

$997 $397 

for a limited-time only! 

“Last year I managed to make 6 figures with dropshipping in my first 6 months and I thought that was great. But after Lorell's mentorship, my sales instantly tripled. I made more AND spent less! I can't thank her enough and I recommend any business owner or entrepreneur to not sleep on taking her course ASAP. ”

- Chelsea G.

“I knew that taking Lorell’s course will give me the skills and tools I needed to scale my business. To my surprise, since I’ve launched my ads, I made $3500 and I only spent $500! I definitely recommend Lorell to anybody else looking to scale their business!”

- Justerica A.

“In less than 2 weeks after launching my campaign, I had over $9,000 in sales with $250 in ad spend.”

- Tsalta B.

“My sales have literally increased 400%. Last month I had a little over $1000 in sales. This month I have over $4,500, just that quick.”

- Kamila B.

Meet Your Ads Mastery Bootcamp Coach, Lorell Lane

Hey, Lorell here!

Corporate America dropout turned online marketer.  

Having spent my career helping TV networks & Forbes 500 companies earn millions of dollars in revenue by planning, launching & managing national ad campaigns - it's no wonder I'm obsessed.  

With the experience gained by being a part of teams that scaled sales for brands & clients around the world, my passion for helping up-and-coming entrepreneurs ignited.

Now, my sole mission is to help 1 million more entrepreneurs through social media ad training and exposure to the power of Facebook and Instagram ads.


Trade Brunch for Your Business for a Fraction of the Cost!

Join us inside the bootcamp so you can plan your sales this year with a predictable system that can be created in just 4-days (or less!). Facebook and Instagram ads have never been easier to learn with award-winning marketer, Lorell Lane. 

Create winning ads, plan a sales funnels, and learning how to grow your sales using FB & IG ads by giving us just 30 minutes per day.  


If you’ve been rocking with me for a while and you've considered our Signature program, the #SocialSalesLab but haven't quite pulled the trigger, this is for YOU. I promise, you’re gonna LOVE Ads Mastery Bootcamp!